Friday, January 7, 2011

News and Notes

First of all i want to thank Otis for sending me bc's for my birthday this month.  They are appreciated.

Next i was cleaning up in the house when i found a few business cards to add to my collection.
                                 1. 1 Insurance Agency
                                 2. 1 Recreational/Camps
                                 3. 1 Magnetic/Pizza place
                                 4. 1 personal from family friend/collector
                                 5. 1 military/National Guard

Finally i wanted to let everyone know who reads my blog and i will send a message to the IBCC and ABCC, that i am looking for 2 certain cards to add to my collection.  One is a bc of any hot dog vendor, preferably with a pic on it and second, i am looking for an A&W restaurant bc that has a gold background to it.  If anybody finds them or has them and wants to trade, i will make the trade worth while.  You can leave a message here on my blog or email at  Thank you.

Happy collecting everyone!

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